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Monday, July 31, 2017

Uhm been a minute...

What IS UP yo? 3 years? Miss me? I mean DANG! I thought it had just been a few. Not months and months later.

Well, I can tell you one thing...I am in a MUCH better mood. I mean I hardly every want to snatch someone bald these days! Okay, on occasion but thinking and doing are two different things and I have never succumb to those innermost thoughts. Is it innermost if you tell your BFF? Or your Aunt? Or the lady at the bank?

Okay, so anyways...

I'ma tell ya what...grief, anger, sadness? Those things can really do a number on a person. It turns into, anxiety, depression, rage, guilt...a whole slew of feelings that can really war against a persons natural disposition to be jolly, silly goodness. The whole light at the end of the tunnel stayed a moving pinpoint for me. That is SOOOOOO not like me.

Extrovert became introvert, light became dark and happy became never.

It hasn't take me three years to overcome. More like two but I just never could get back into the whole writing thing. I only have one reader anyway, but heck it sure can be cathartic.

As of today, I don't feel the overwhelming desire to write about things, only to hint that I can't really write about it anyway. Ya know, the things that happen in life and you want to just get it all out, but if you did, that person, place or thing would know who or what you were referring to; OR think they knew and then you/I would just be in a whole heap of trouble?

So today, just saying howdy. I can't say I am back. I mean I never really left. More like I took a while to ponder on my thoughts.

Apparently it was greatly needed.


A man called Valance said...

It ain't three years since you skulked off, it's four, and that sure is a long time acquiring a better mood. Hell, with a bottle of whiskey and a cigarette you could have done it in an hour.

Anyhow, it's good to see you around again Short Stuff, even if you are just passing through. Your jolly goodness has sure been missed, by me, if nobody else. Comes from me being full of jolly goodness myself, I reckon. And whiskey, of course. I don't know you can't speak freely on your platform but if that's the way it is, well... maybe you could just hint more often, huh?

Patsy said...